Thank You Clarity

Photo cred Cat

Wow, yet another fab course on Saturday. We had a beautiful group that came from far and wide.  The joy for Lisa and me is that every course is slightly different.  That’s not because the subject matter is different rather that each course has a new group of peeps.  It offers a different vibes, different chemistry, different flow, but magical in it’s uniqueness.  Saturday’s sessions delved into supplements and add ons, which was fascinating (Lisa, is there any end to your coolness?)

And what’s even better? A couple attendees contacted us and shared their excitement of making/consuming their smoothie the following day.  I mean, c’mon, what a privilege it is to be part of their journey.  We are so honoured.

So thank you Sandy, Margaret, Alex and Nikki for taking that first step.  Thanks for taking the time to come and more importantly thanks for doing this for yourself.  You deserve it.

Remember everyone, we’re just an email away and always happy to share insights and hear your personal victories. Who knows, maybe your story or question will inspire others.

Thank You Clarity

3 thoughts on “Thank You Clarity

  1. Sandy Auld says:

    Thank you for not posting pictures of your students! It’s a pet peeve of mine in this day of instant communication – always ask first.

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