That’s What Friends Are For

photo cred Cat

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was outstanding but did involved a flurry of activity. Between gymnastics for the eldest, putting away outdoor furniture, dinner at Pow’s (which by the by was the best dinner I’ve had in AGES…thanks again Lady), grocery shopping and gardening, I also managed to find time to catch up with an old friend/honorary little sister from O-Town (represent yo).

My dear friend Amanda was in town for a wedding and had 2 hours to spare before hopping back on a plane home. Were we going to meet for breakie or coffee? No, I had a better idea.  Come ‘on over to mine and I’ll make you a green smoothie.  And what transpired following her arrival was nothing short of pure magic.  The smoothie concoction was so gorge, I just had to share it with you.  So here it is:

The O-Town Special

2 cups filtered water
half head of org. green lettuce
1 org. pear
1.5 tbsp of local hemp hearts
1 small handful of raw walnuts

Blend well and drink up.  So simple but sooooo good.

That’s What Friends Are For

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