Oil Of Whatever

photo cred Cat

Winter is fast approaching.  I know this because my skin is becoming uncomfortably dry.  Lotion and potions never do the trick and who the hell wants all those chemicals on and in your body anyway? Never mind the cost – it’s outrageous, I tell ya.

A few years ago, my fabulous Mother-in-law (oh yes, they do exist) turned me onto her secret and oh-so-easy homemade after-shower lotion and I’ve never gone back.

Here’s what you do:

Combine in a bottle: Extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of any essential oil you like the smell of. I’m partial to rose oil.  After you bathe, apply to your entire body

Voila. You have a non-chemical, all natural, inexpensive and super hydrating body lotion. Or an even cheaper but just as fabulous option is to just use organic coconut oil (Thanks Alexis for the inspiration….Hollah).  Oh, and don’t forget to dry brush before you bathe – your body will thank you.

Oil Of Whatever

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