Photo Cred Cat
I think it goes without saying but Cat’s a bona fide cool kid with one hell of a magnetic personality.

If ya didn’t already know Cat gave birth to a darling chub of a beautiful baby earlier this year, shortly after she came to me and said she was ready. Ready to feel good, to love herself and to take her body back. She officially became the first of many test monkeys for The Goods.In typical fashion she went full-hog and succeeded in record time. Quickly regaining her lost sense of smell and dropping 33 lbs in under three months. Yeah we’ve seen her lose weight before, but not like this, her body did more than shed some pounds, her actual shape changed.By cleaning up her diet she cleaned up her body and tossed out the junk (see photo reference). It’s been awesome to watch her take control of her life and see her thrive. All the while being a great mom to her little ones, a hot wifey to Kods, a good friend to countless amazing people, a fantastic blogger and a master gardener.

Talk about inspiration, it’s good to call her my friend.

If you want to hear more about Cat’s journey with The Goods, drop her a line here.


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