What’s In A Name?

photo cred Cat

As a side job/labour of love, I’m providing homemade green smoothies to a great gal close to home (wha wha Meagan). She attended our Kick Start Smoothie class and really wanted all the benefits of said smoothie but due to super early morning starts, and her blender waking up the household, she found it hard to make happen.  Does that sound familiar?

So every morning I make a HUGE, beautiful, organic green smoothie and she gets half and I get the other half – total win-win sitch.  My eldest names them (yesterday’s smoothie was “The J’en Paco” cause she was pretending to talk French and today’s was “The Edward” cause we were discussing the Twilight movies, as one does with a 4 yr old) and then I drop it off to Miss Meagan.

And I’m happy to say that I have another person interested in this smoothie delivery cause let’s be honest what could be better than a gorge green smoothie, made with love and delivered right to you.  I mean, I ask you….

What’s In A Name?

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