Costco of All Places

photo cred Cat

Lisa and I are always trying to find the best deals for some of our often used ingredients. And you’ll be surprised (or not so surprised) to know that Costco has some great deals.

They offer the following organic products:

1. Organic frozen wild blueberries
2. Organic, pre-washed, Quinoa
3. Organic frozen corn

And other great finds are:

2. Hemp Hearts
3. Ground flax seed
4. Pine nuts
5. Whole almonds

Product does vary from store to store so have a look the next time you’re there.  Let us know what you find at your nearest one.

Costco of All Places

8 thoughts on “Costco of All Places

  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE Costco for the gluten free/organic options. Not sure all you’d be interested in, but mine has started carrying Chia Seed. Also, there are single serving microwaveable containers of (just) brown rice as well as brown rice/quinoa combos (Seeds of Change, I believe). Greek yogurt, several varieties of veggie patties/burgers, bottled all natural juices…My list could go on…

    1. I’m waiting for my Costco to start offering Chia (you’re lucky). I’ve tried all the stuff you’ve mentioned – great isn’t it? Costco kinda rocks. Thanks so much for your comment. Keep in touch with anything new you find.

  2. Wow! I think I would faint on the spot if I found Hemp Hearts at my Costco!! (Ohio). And mine does have quinoa, but I just ordered from Tru Roots that exact bag you found there b/c my Costco has another brand that is not allergy-safe (nut allergy) for my son. You are lucky, big time:)

    1. I know, pretty fantastic (though I really want Chia next). Now don’t quote me on this but you may be able to contact Costco directly and ask them about supplying certain product (or at least, they may be able to tell you whether it’s possible or not). I’m going to ask mine about Chia but the US may be different. I’ll ask around and see if I can find out. I’ll keep you posted.

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