Goods to Know Mincing Garlic

photo cred Cat

I don’t know about you but I find garlic presses a b*tch to clean.  It almost negates the benefit of having your garlic minced in the first place. But it’s kinda the price we pay for gorgeous fresh minced garlic.

Now flash-back to a few months ago when I needed my garlic press only to find that the blasted thing had rusted. Garbage meet *&%$*% garlic press, garlic press meet garbage. Hope you live happily ever after. Now what do I do?

So I grabbed my zester/rasp and rasped it instead.  That was my ‘a-ha’ moment. The rasp takes 2 secs, produces a beautiful ultra-fine consistency (like puree) and cleans up in a jiff. If you don’t own a rasp, go and get one because quite honestly they’re awesome.

Goods to Know Mincing Garlic

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