Feeling Pure Joy

I’m very excited to be enroute to Scottsdale, Arizona right now! I’m heading down to work with Elaina Love while she facilities her phenomenal 3 week raw chef certification, followed by a 1 week juice fast and liver flush. I was lucky enough to attend Pure Joy Academy in Bali, Indonesia in April of this year, it was one of the greatest experiences. It changed everything and I’ve since chosen to remain on a high raw diet, which has been pretty easy since Elaina teaches close to 300 recipes over the three weeks, and her partner Chris Whitcoe covers a ton of information regarding nutrition and the science behind diet and food.

I’ll update the goods from AZ with loads of great information to share.

I will be hosting Elaina October 16 and 17 in Toronto. She will be teaching a raw Mexican and Desserts class. You haven’t had good food, until you’ve had Elaina Love’s food!

More information to come, email me if you’re interested in attending…

info (at) thegoodsisgood.com

Feeling Pure Joy

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