Raw in Cap City

I was in Ottawa over the weekend for the wedding of friends Peter (The Joynt) and Marjorie, it was one of the most fascinatingly personal events I’ve ever been invited. I have attended some lovely weddings over the years, but this bride and groom really hit the mark with their planning, reflecting who they are as individuals and as a couple. Lovely.

On Sunday I had some time to spare so I made my way over to Wellington Street West to check out the one and only raw cafe in the city, Simply Raw Express. Owned and operated by Natasha Kyssa who seems to be a bit of a local raw celebrity. She’s been doing this for over 20 years, and has that beautiful living glow and a welcoming demeanour.

The express cafe is just that, express! There is a cooler with lots of quick takeout items, I grabbed the Fresh Thai wraps and ordered a My Thai smoothie. Both were delicious! The place was very welcoming, there were lots of people working and many took the time to have a chat with me, including Natasha, which I always appreciate. They also have a greeter who welcomes patrons and walks them through the setup. Pretty great idea since living foods is still foreign to most and can be intimidating.

They just opened weeks before, I’m looking forward to going back on my next visit to OT to see how they’re coming along. They had a good selection of living lifestyle basics like superfoods, brushes and equipment. Plus the Hintonburg strip is perfect for a smoothie and a stroll.

Raw in Cap City

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